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By White Oak Pediatric Associates
September 11, 2015
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Learn more about the importance of immunizing your little one.

When it comes to our children we want them to stay healthy and happy. Your Raleigh pediatricians know that you want to do whatever possible to ensure that your child’s health is the best it can be. That’s why you should be keeping up with immunizations to make sure Immunization in Raleigh, North Carolinathat your child remains strong and disease-free. Find out what makes immunizations so important to your child’s health.

Immunizations can save lives

We are lucky that in this day and age advancements in medical technology are allowing us to protect our children from more and more diseases than before. Many diseases like polio that were once life-threatening are now easily eliminated through simple vaccinations. Since the polio vaccine, there have been no reports of this disease in the US. While there isn’t an immunization against all diseases just yet, it’s important to protect your child from illness, disability or possibly death whenever possible. Immunizations can help!

Immunizations protect others

Immunizations are still around because these life-threatening diseases are still in existence. That’s why it’s important that you see your Raleigh pediatricians for updated immunizations. Whether you have other children at home or your child is out in the community, it’s important to protect those around you from illness. Some babies are too young to get fully vaccinated and some people have compromised immune systems that keep them from also getting immunizations. It’s important that we keep these children and other individuals safe from illness, too.

Vaccinations can save you time and money

If your child isn’t vaccinated you run a serious risk of having them develop the disorder. Children that aren’t immunized often aren’t allowed in schools or daycares since these illnesses can spread to other children. Serious illnesses can affect not only your wallet, but both you and your child’s wellbeing and time. Getting your child vaccinated is like getting them insurance against these serious diseases.

We believe that children should be immunized to protect their health and the health of others. All children should be able to get vaccinated no matter their financial situation. If you want to get your child vaccinated but have questions about payment let’s talk. Your Raleigh pediatricians at White Oak Pediatrics are here for you and your child.