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June 15, 2017
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Asthma affects about one in 12 people according to recent statistics released by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & asthmaImmunology. Since it is a condition that is most often diagnosed in childhood, if your child has any concerning symptoms it's important to see a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment options. Learn the signs that a child may be suffering from asthma and visit White Oak Pediatrics in Raleigh, NC for help.

What Is Asthma?
Asthma is a condition that causes the air passageways to constrict, making it difficult to breathe. There is an inflammation of the lungs that causes them to swell or spasm, causing wheezing, coughing and gasping for air. Asthma is a respiratory disease that is often triggered by an allergy to environmental elements, high energy activities (like sports) or a stressful situation. 

Asthma Causes
The specific causes of asthma are unknown, but doctors and experts have their theories. Here are a few possible factors to consider:

- Lifestyle factors—some believe that an overemphasis on pristine hygiene in Western culture has made some children less able to fight off infections and immune disorders
- Overweight children may be more prone to developing asthma
- Being exposed to secondhand cigarette smoke as a child could be related to asthma symptoms
- Environmental triggers are usually in play when there’s an asthma attack, such as a reaction to dander, dust or pollen in the air
- Parents who have asthma often have children with the same condition (it may be inherited)

Signs of an Asthma Attack and Treatment
Coughing or wheezing uncontrollably, difficulty catching the breath, and feeling a tightness in the chest are clear signs of an asthma attack. Your Raleigh pediatrician can prescribe a fast relief inhaler to use in these instances. Another asthma treatment to discuss with your child’s doctor that may have long-term positive effects is called sublingual immunotherapy.

Asthma Diagnosis and Treatment
Don’t just guess—the best way to know if the diagnosis is asthma is to see a pediatrician at White Oak Pediatrics in Raleigh, NC. Call (919) 787-0266 today to schedule a visit with a qualified, caring physician.