Managing Your Child's Asthma Symptoms

At White Oak Pediatrics, we can help with asthma problems in Raleigh, NC, and ensure that your child is properly cared for as a person. Just as importantly, we can make sure that you’re doing everything for your young one. Here’s what you need to know about this process.

Use Medication Regularly

Your child needs to consistently receive their medications to stay healthy. There are a few reasons why this is important. Giving them their medication can:

  • Manage underlying symptoms
  • Prevent attacks
  • Improve their breathing
  • Give them peace of mind
  • Reduce potential complications

In this way, medicines remain an important step that shouldn't be ignored. Make sure that you work with us to find the best options available for your little child.

Reduce Their Triggers

This disease is complex and has many potential triggers. These triggers can vary based on the child's health and must be managed effectively. A few common triggers that you need to watch for include:

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • Animal dander

Make your child’s environment free of these triggers to help them feel better. If necessary, contact us to get the asthma care in Raleigh, NC, that your child needs.

Treat Colds and Flus

Unfortunately, things like colds and flu can worsen your child's attacks and make them more severe. As a result, you need to keep them as comfortable and healthy as possible. Make sure you contact us right away to get help with your child's health. We'll make sure that they fight off their cold and flu and stay safe and healthy.

Write an Action Plan

An Action Plan is essential for your child's treatment. These plans include actions that you can take with your child’s school, daycare center, family members, and friends to reduce problems and keep them healthier. You need to add a list of triggers, possible treatment options, physical numbers, contact information, and details that help make your child's care easier for anyone else who watches them.

Communicate With Your Child

Your children are smart: you know this but also want to protect them from bad things. That's understandable, but you must give your child more credit. They deserve to understand their condition and get information that makes their care easier. Just as importantly, letting them know what to do could save their lives if they have an attack.

We Are Ready To Help You

At White Oak Pediatrics our team can help with your child’s asthma in Raleigh, NC, to ensure they get the care they deserve. We’ll take the time to better understand what is happening and provide therapy that works for you. Call us at (919) 787-0266 to learn more about our service options.

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