Does My Child Have ADHD?

Could your child’s concentration problems be a sign of ADHD?

With kids turning to lightning-fast computer technology so often it can be disconcerting when we start to notice concentration challenges adhdin our little ones. Of course, it isn’t always easy to tell whether your child’s symptoms could be due to ADHD or just one of the curses of being able to get so much information at our disposal with just a couple clicks of a button. From the office of our Raleigh, NC pediatricians, here are some common symptoms of ADHD in children:

  • Disruptive behaviors such as interrupting the class or having trouble waiting their turn
  • Angry outbursts or uncontrollable mood swings may also occur, as it can sometimes be difficult for children with ADHD to regulate emotions
  • Fidgeting often and not being able to sit still (children with ADHD may squirm around in their chairs)
  • Your child may quickly lose interest in a task or may start an assignment but never finish it. In fact, you may find that they start several different things but never get around to completing them.
  • Your child has trouble focusing and paying attention. It may seem as if they are daydreaming and you may have to repeat yourself in order to feel heard.
  • Your child may not be able to focus long enough to follow instructions, which can often lead to careless mistakes.

Many parents reading this list of symptoms have probably experienced at least one of these scenarios at some point during your child’s life; however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your child has ADHD.

Children can be rambunctious and off-the-walls. Kids sometimes throw temper tantrums when they don’t get the toy they wanted. Children often daydream or space out. Sometimes these behaviors are just a part of life. Of course, if your child displays these symptoms most of the time or their symptoms seem severe then this certainly warrants a trip to see one of our Raleigh children’s doctors.

Turn to White Oak Pediatrics in Raleigh, NC for an evaluation. While there is no cure, ADHD is completely treatable and we can help you manage your child’s symptoms so that they can have a fulfilling and happy life.

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