What You Should Know About ADHD

No parent wants his or her child to be disruptive at school, at home or in public places, and yet that's just what millions of Moms and DadsADHD across the country deal with daily. Is it their children's fault? Is poor parenting to blame? Actually, in some cases, it may be due to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD. Your pediatricians at White Oak Pediatrics in Raleigh, NC, understand ADHD and its effects on families. They can help with answers to your frequently asked questions.

What are the main symptoms of ADHD?

There are many, and they can vary widely from child to child. Experts say that true ADHD exhibits disruptive behaviors that significantly interfere with daily routines and that these behaviors happen in more than one place. For instance, the impulsiveness, lack of attention and organization in tasks, interrupting, carelessness and inability to concentrate happens at home, school, church, sports, and more.

Who has ADHD?

According to the Attention Deficit Disorder Association, ADHD tends to run in families. While many more boys than girls are diagnosed with the disorder, studies show that as these children age into adults, the numbers are about even. In other words, both men and women equally show symptoms of this developmental disorder. All in all, the Attention Deficit Disorder Association reports that 11 million individuals have ADHD in the United States.

What can help?

Behavior modification programs help, with positive reinforcement for appropriate behaviors being key to long-term success. Some children benefit from stimulants such as Ritalin and Adderal, and school psychologists, parents and teachers work to provide classroom modifications and IEPs (Individualized Education Programs) as needed. Your Raleigh pediatrician advocates low sugar and low carbohydrates diets (a recommendation that actually benefits all youngsters, ADHD or not).

What's the prognosis?

Perhaps it's best to call ADHD a brain difference. Parents should understand that their children can lead full and very productive lives. However, if you see extreme impulsivity and lack of concentration in your child, you should consult your Raleigh pediatrician. They may advise specialized testing with an expert in learning and developmental disabilities. The more knowledge and coping strategies families have, the better the outcomes will be.

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