Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Doctor When Your Child Has Asthma

If your child has asthma, visit White Oak Pediatrics in Raleigh, NC to talk to your pediatrician about causes, concerns, and care.

What Do Parents Need To Know?

Asthma is a chronic condition, meaning your child will likely need treatment or care for the rest of their life. This makes them sensitive to certain environments, so it may be helpful to ask your pediatrician questions to make sure your child is receiving the attention and prevention they need to be comfortable.

Next time you visit White Oak Pediatrics in Raleigh, NC, ask the doctor these questions:

  1. How can I tell the difference between a regular asthma attack and a medical emergency?

    Attacks are relatively normal, and most of the time can be treated at home; however, your doctor should go over an action plan with you that will show you what it looks like when your child is in the red zone and what to do when that occurs.
  2. How can I reduce asthma triggers to prevent flare-ups?

    Allergies and asthma are very closely linked, and the kind of allergies that might cause flare-ups or asthma attacks in your child are specific to them. If your child doesn’t have allergic asthma, they may still be sensitive to certain triggers. Ask your doctor about reducing these triggers for your child’s specific sensitivities.
  3. What kind of treatment will my child need?

    Depending on the type of asthma and its severity, your child may need specific treatment and at specific times. While some children may only need an inhaler once a day, your child might need it more frequently or may need a different treatment entirely.
  4. Who should know about my child’s asthma at school?

    The short answer is: anyone who cares for them should know about your child’s asthma. Your doctor should go over how to talk with teachers, coaches, and administrators about your child's condition and give you copies of the action plan to share so asthma emergencies can be dealt with promptly and correctly.
  5. How should I talk to my child about asthma?

    Keeping your child in the know and helping them understand their condition may help them to be more open and accepting of treatment. It may also help reduce anxiety and fear about their diagnosis.

To learn more about your child’s asthma or to get an action plan in place, call (919) 787-0266 to schedule an appointment at your Raleigh, NC White Oak Pediatrics.

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