Understanding Immunizations

Vaccinations are part of the preventative care we provide. They can help children stay healthy, prevent them from spreading disease to the most vulnerable, and ward off serious complications from the illnesses they protect against. Plus, they can keep your child in school and sports without missing a beat, and certain ones are necessary for your child to attend school. Before you start your child's immunization schedule with our pediatricians at White Oak Pediatrics, serving Raleigh, NC, and the nearby region, you may want to learn more about how they work and the benefits.

General Information

At our Raleigh, NC, pediatrician's office, we'd like you to know the point of a vaccination is to help a child prevent or reduce the symptoms of the illness it protects against. It may ward off any serious complications of the infection that could be permanent. In some cases, it may prevent life-threatening complications. 

When your child receives vaccinations, either he or she may not be as sick from the illness or won't experience any symptoms. In some cases, it can help prevent your child from spreading the infection to those who are vulnerable to the sickness. 

How They Work 

Simply put, most inoculations mimic the infection. But, it's either a live but weakened form or a dead one. The body then reacts and learns how to fight the infection without acquiring the illness fully. The body then remembers the bacteria or virus. Then, if his or her body comes in contact with it, he or she can fight it. Keep in mind that this is just to give you a general idea. And different vaccines work in different ways.

Need for More Than One Dose

Your child may need more than one dose to protect him or her fully. They're given in safe amounts to continuously build your child's immune system. For some immunizations, the effects wane over time. As a result, your kid's immunity to that substance will decrease over time. Therefore, with some vaccines, your little one will need recurring inoculations to maintain his or her immunity.

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