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Are you planning to breastfeed? If so, you may have questions or even concerns about the breastfeeding process. This is where the pediatricians and nurses at White Oak Pediatrics can provide you with help, support, and resources to help make breastfeeding your newborn a little easier.

April Mouton, RN, BSN, is one of our staff nurses and also our Lactation Educator.


"We value the benefits of breastfeeding and we value our parents' decision to breastfeed their baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusively breastfeeding until 6 months of age and continuing to breastfeed after solid foods are introduced as long as mutually desired by mom and baby up to 2 years of age and beyond. Breastfeeding is a natural process, but it can take some practice to get the hang of it. Whether you plan to breastfeed for a short time or a longer period of time, we want to help moms achieve their breastfeeding goals." 

Our Lactation Educator can meet with parents at any regular doctor visit or an appointment can be made specifically for lactation concerns. 

It Takes Time to Get the Hang of It

While breastfeeding is one of the most natural things, it doesn’t always mean that it’s easy. In fact, breastfeeding can take time so it’s important to be patient with yourself. Not all babies will latch right away, and while a nurse can help you at the hospital, once you bring your baby home you may be feeling frustrated. Fortunately, our pediatric team here at White Oak Pediatrics can help you with breastfeeding troubleshooting. If you are having issues such as trouble latching, low milk supply, or pain, let our team provide you with the support and answers you need to make breastfeeding your newborn a success.

It Can Feel Like a Full-Time Job

Especially during the first few months of your newborn’s life, you may feel like you’re nursing 24/7. That’s because newborns will need to be nursed every 2-3 hours. With most breastfeeding sessions taking between 20-45 minutes, it can often feel like breastfeeding is a constant. Don’t worry, mamas! Once your baby is 6 months old, they may only need to nurse around 5-7 times a day (or about every 3-4 hours).

How Long You Breastfeed is Up to You

Deciding to breastfeed in the first place is a personal choice and only one that a mother can make for herself and her child. If you decide to breastfeed your child, it is recommended that you try and breastfeed for at least the first six months; however, many women choose to continue breastfeeding up to 12 months old or even longer.

Breastfeeding Offers Many Health Benefits

One of the main reasons new moms choose to breastfeed is that it does offer benefits to both them and their newborns that formula feeding can’t. Breast milk contains all of the nutrients that your baby needs to develop. It can also protect them from ear infections, asthma, and allergies and even decrease their risk for obesity and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Plus, breastfeeding releases oxytocin, which bonds mother to baby.

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