Sports Physicals FAQs

How a sports physical from the pediatricians in Raleigh, NC, can protect your child.

Does your child love sports? If so, that’s great because staying active is an important way to stay healthy. You want to make sure your child is healthy enough to participate in a sport. That’s where sports physicals come in.

The pediatricians at White Oak Pediatrics in Raleigh, NC, provide a wide range of medical services for children, including sports physicals to protect your child.

Before you schedule a sports physical for your child, you probably have a few questions. These are a few of the most frequently asked questions and answers about sports physicals:

Is a sports physical required before my child can participate in a sport?

Yes, a sports physical is required before your child can participate in sports at school.

Why is a sports physical important?

When your pediatrician performs a sports physical, it’s a great way to ensure your child is healthy enough to play a sport. Being active puts stress on your child’s body, so you want to make sure your child is going to be safe while playing the sport. Your pediatrician can rule out any underlying conditions which might affect your child’s health while playing the sport.

What happens during a sports physical?

During a sports physical, your pediatrician will:

  • Check your child’s balance, reflexes, flexibility, and strength
  • Check for any breathing difficulties or other issues that may occur when your child is physically active
  • Perform a thorough physical examination including recording your child’s height, weight, breathing, heart rate, and other factors

How often does my child need a sports physical?

Your child should have a new sports physical before each new sport. Each sport is unique and has different physical requirements. Your pediatrician can customize the physical to match the physical needs of each new sport.

Sports physicals are an important way for you to keep current on your child’s healthcare. To learn more about the importance of sports physicals, call the pediatricians of White Oak Pediatrics in Raleigh, NC, at (919) 787-0266. Call today.

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